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Micro/Nano Fluidics & Biotransport Laboratory



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e-Journals & Conferences (Fluid Mechanics/Biophysics/MEMS)
Science Nature
PNAS Lab on a Chip
Nano Letters Biophysical Journal
Biotechnology Letters J.Am.Chem.Soc
Physical Review Online Sensor & Actuators A (Chemical)
Langmuir Physics of Fluids
Nanotechnology J.MEMS (IEEE)
J.Micromech.Microeng J. Appl. Physics
Applied Physics Letters
ASME APS (American Physical Society)
BPS (BioPhysical Society) Gordon Research Conferences
SPIE SCI-Impact factors
BME-NET Mechanical Engineering
National / International Research Agencies
National Science Foundation National Institutes of Health
NASA Nanopore Sensor Program Department of Engergy
Department of Defence Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Nat'l Institute of Standard & Technology Army Research Laboratory
Human Frontier Science Program Whitaker Foundation
MOST (Korea) KOSEF (Korea)
National Human Genome Research Grants Net
Research Groups (Bio/Micro/Nanofluidics, Single Molecule Biophysics)
David Weitz Group in Harvard G.M Whitesides Group in Harvard
Folch Lab in U of Washington Kirby Research Group in Cornell
Luke P Lee Group in UCBerkeley Ali Beskok Group in TAMU
Stephen Quake's Group in Stanford Craighead Group in Cornell
Sandra Troian Group in Princeton David Beebe Group inU of Wisconsin
Alexey Bezryadin Group in UIUC Kenny Breuer Group in Brown
Cees Dekker Group in Delft Harvard Nanopore Group
Andre Marziali Group in UBC Computational Biophysics Group in UIUC
Gregory Timp Group in UIUC Irit Sagi Group in Weizmann Institute
Sean Ling Group in Brown Liphardt Lab in UC Berkeley
MEMS & Nanotechnology Exchange
Equipment Suppliers
Bangs Laboratory Duke Scientific Corp
Molecular Probe Sigma-Aldrich Corp
Edmund Scientifics Havard Apparatus
Silicone Wafer Com BD Medical Supplies, Lab
Fisher Newport
Melcor Corp Soitec Inc
Outputcity (photomask) Rohm & Haas
Techni-Tool Upchurch Scientific (Nanoport)
Wafer Handling System Silicon Valley
MicroChem University Wafer
JEOL Olympus Microscope
Bid-Service LLC Scientific Support
Drexel Links
Drexel/UPenn IGERT Program A. J Drexel Nanotechnology Institute
Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics Penn Regional Nanotechnology Facility
Institute of Biotech & Virology Microbiology & Immunology in Medical School
BioMed Eng, Science & Health System UPenn's Microfabrication Laboratory
Campus Map & Direction
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A Korean dragon (Yong) from Korean folklore.

When comparing oriental dragons, the first place to look is the feet. Korean dragons usually have four toes or claws on each foot, as compared with Chinese dragons that have five toes and Japanese dragons that have three. Dragons in Korean mythology are mostly viewed as benevolent beings related to water, often considered bringers of rain and clouds. Politically, the dragon represents the Emperior, who himself was associated with rain and agriculture.